• Hi guys! Week 2... we are going white river rafting.  Ok, not really, but maybe virtually. :) This week we are learning about rivers!

      Your job:

    1.) Click through power point and view videos and animations within power point.  If ppt doesn't work, please view the videos and animations linked.  Send me an email if having troubles  

    2.) Complete handout in files below

    3.) Period 7 only:  Complete Form in Office 365 

    4.) Complete assignment in Castle learning (CL is saying they are working on the slowness of the site and is noting highest volumes of traffic are between 11am-4pm)

    5.) Complete shadow and moon activities from last week

    Side note:  I will be posting one or two interesting websites to check out during the week.  This week, go take a look at the Northern Lights webcam on the homepage.  During the day you can watch polar bears (or click on menu at top and see pandas and other animals) and at night you can watch the Northern Lights aka Aurora Borealis. 

    Left ESRT somewhere? there's a link to one on the Earth Science page.

    Period 9: If you have not turned in your "Choosing your Tombstone" assignment please take a picture of your assignment and send it to me through email.

March into Spring