Mrs. Wagner's Class

  • Welcome to a new school year!

    I look forward to a fabulous year working with your child and partnering with you so that your child will be a lifelong reader.  This year is unique in many ways.  I have a new responsibility in assisting with Mrs. Coiro's fourth grade class in the morning. 

    I will be working with children individually or in small groups from Third, Fourth and Fifth grades. My focus will be on developing and expanding their literacy skills throughout the school year.

    I encourage parents to set aside time to read to or with their child and make available a variety of reading materials to support his/her reading success.  Use your child's own interests when planning fun activities.  By providing your child the opportunity to read, s/he will be able to practice and expand the many skills and strategies they learn in order to become more proficient readers and writers. 

    Encourage your child to read text closely in order to establish deep meaning.  When discussing stories or informational text remember to encourage your child to apply effective comprehension strategies that include: 

    • Activating Background Knowledge
    • Making Connections
    • Questioning  
    • Monitoring Comprehension
    • Visualizing
    • Inferring
    • Summarizing
    • Analyzing
    • Synthesizing


    Together, we will explore deep and flexible understanding of complex text, formulate and test hypotheses, analyze information and relate their learning to real life application.

    I look forward to an awesome school year, one that will be a journey of learning for my students and me, as well as the discovery of their love of reading.