What Does Your Child Learn from the Orchestra?

  • Teamwork

    • The orchestra coordinates individual abilities into one central effort.
    • It gives children the feeling of group loyalty and motivation.
    • An orchestra stimulates, defines and gives the child
      • that essential feeling of belonging.


    • The orchestra teaches responsibility.
    • Emphasis is placed on following specific instructions.
    • It teaches the child respect for the music, the composer,
      • for his/her peers, the director and for self.


    • Attention to detail is vital in all educational classrooms.
    • Concentration is “built-in” within the orchestra rehearsal.
      • It directly carries over to other areas by
        • improving study habits,
        • increases intellectual understanding and
        • raises the curiosity factor.

    Personal Achievement

    • Recognizing, meeting and overcoming a challenge
      • may be the single most rewarding experience of all.
    • Orchestra participation offers that opportunity by providing a
      • learning experience where growth and fulfillment can occur.
    • Appreciation
      • Orchestra participation encourages
        • respect,
        • appreciation for aesthetic values and
        • the beauty of the music created.

    A Future Orchestral Career

    • Young orchestra participants that possess the
      • talent,
      • drive and
      • self-discipline necessary to create a performing career
        • will enjoy a wonderful life of performing in for audiences.
      • Not all orchestra members will achieve a performing career, however
        • the achievement of maximum individual potential
          • can lead to:
            • a life filled with the richness of music appreciation,
            • possible college scholarships and
            • other financially beneficial arrangements.

    Character Building Benefits

    • Orchestra membership will bring:
      • tangible benefits to your child’s education,
        • self-awareness,
        • self-satisfaction and
        • self-confidence.

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