Strategies for Successful Practice

  • Strategies for Successful Practice

    A basic and general approach to a question frequently asked:
    “How do I practice?”

    Select a quiet room with:

    • your music stand,
    • your required music - Essential Elements:2000 and Practice Packet
    • your shoulder rest on your violin/viola or
    • a rock stop on floor for your cello/bass,
    • your instrument and
    • buckets of concentration!


    • Play or draw an open string with the bow –
      • checking your bow grip every 30 seconds.
    • Think about long and beautiful tones.
    • Repeat this on all four open strings - no left-hand fingers needed.
    • Use a straight bow only - horizontal to the bridge - check you bow grip.
    • Mix-up the open string order - check your instrument position.
    • Watch your bow path and bow grip!
    • Add the D Major scale when you can.


           Essential Elements 2000 and our concert music

    • Are you practicing the correct assignment?
      • Check the website for this information for the entire year.
    • Practice two measures at a time, first pizzicato - plucking the strings.
    • Do this 5X’s in a row correctly.
    • Now practice the same two measures, arco - with the bow.
    • Do this 5X’s in a row correctly.
    • Keep adding to the measures that you have played correctly.
    • If you have made a mistake,
      • say what went wrong “out-loud.”

    BE SURE TO CORRECT the mistake -

    • On the next time around - correct your mistake.
    • Don't watch the clock!

    Practice your weekly assignment at least 15 minutes/5 days a week
    Practice because you want to – not because you have to!