• Here is what I would like you to accomplish in the next two weeks.  

    You can plan your time as needed but try to spread out the practicing time over a couple of days each week so it will be more effective for you.  


    1.  Sing!   - Highlights from Jekyll and Hyde

    Let's focus on the beginning up until page 10.  If you forgot your music, I have attached a pdf of the music below.

    Try to spend 2-3x a week doing the following:

                    A)  Listen to this recording and follow along with your music:


                    B)   Sing through the your part as best you can with the recording.  (I will add some part tracks for you to rehearse with next week)

                    C)  If you're feeling really confident, try to sing along with the accompaniment track that Ms. Lin recorded for us that is attached below.  


    2.  Responding to music 

    Send me a clip of a song you've been listening to lately and tell me why you love it!


    3.  Music Reading Skills

    Complete the assignment in Sightreading Factory that will go live on March 25th.  

    Please note that these sight-reading assignments are for the purpose of practice and feedback only.  

    This should not be giving you added stress so please contact me for help if needed.   We can always find ways to modify this for you and your needs.

    You wll not be graded on any of these assignments.  The timeline for completion is two weeks.  

    If you have a frustration with the app and how it works, you can always just record yourself on another device singing through the example and then send  a picture of the example and the recording to me via Remind or email for feedback.  


    4.  OPTIONAL Mindfulness/Body Health Activity