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chalk mural
EmilyH Forced Perspective
  • Hi Park Road Artists and families! Something amazing happened this month. I discovered that we have movie makers, sculptors, photographers, draftspeople, painters, inventors and muralists in our school community! You are all so creative! Please keep sending me your artwork if you would like to see it on this page. My goal is to FILL this page with your beautiful art like a virtual ART GALLERY!


    I have added optional lessons and recipes for "art at home" to this page. Check back frequently to see the artwork your classmates are making and for new lessons and recipes! There are also printable art activity boards at the bottom of the page, and... VIDEOS of demonstrations and other ideas to get you motivated!


Park Road Student "Art From Home" Gallery

Who Am I? Identity Theme Week
From Ordinary to Extraordinary
Heroes and Leaders Theme
Make Believe Theme Activity Board
  • Resources for Make Believe Week!

    Drawing Around Objects : My daughter and I watched a live streaming TedEd with artist Javier Perez ("Cinta Scotch") today. He is a found object illustrator. He is well known for his "grape balloons" and "paper clip trumpet". Look him up! Below are the ideas we came up with. I used the end of a banana (the end Norah never eats) and she used a pom pom she made when she watched Alborz' video last week (scroll down the page to find the video). Another artist to look up is Kerstin Hiestermann "Spielkkind". I have been inspired by her work for years. Go search your junk drawer for an interesting object. What does it remind you of? Put it on a piece of white paper and finish the picture! Take a photo when you are done. *send it to me!*

    banana bird Pom Pom Hair

  • Fun Family Activity (Optional): Choose a favorite work of art (or any work of art) and recreate it using only materials in your home! Take a photo! Share it with Mrs. Kirkebye and I will post it on the website. Here are two examples from the Kirkebye home (1st taken by Norah Kirkebye, second taken by Mrs. Kirkebye). Below those examples I will post any student work that is sent to me! Hover over the image to see the artist's name revealed.

    Frida Kahlo

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Photo by Alborz/Portrait by Vincent VanGogh
Madin's VanGogh Portrait
Paige R.
recipe for salt dough clay
Recipe for bread clay
clip art

Student Created Art Videos!