• Here is this week's "to do" list.  It looks long but if you have been working the past couple weeks, it isn't that bad.  Hope you are able to get outside and enjoy some fresh air.  Thank you to those who are sending me emails with funny jokes and checking in or asking questions. Things are changing a little this week.  

    My biggest request right now is that you do this to do list in order.  You cannot complete #3 if you have not done #1.  

    1.) Click through the Power point and view all videos within power point.  I have also put up a video of the power point with my voice to help you with understanding concepts.  Please view both. 

    2.) Complete assignment: Love of Landscapes-you will need this to do step #5 below.

    3.) Read article on Glacial Landscapes-you will also need this to do #5

    4.) Castle Learning assignment.  (get caught up on old Castle Learnings as well)

    5.) Complete the Form linked on this page.  

    6.) Finish collecting your shadows and your CER.  Take a picture of your shadows you collected, upload it to a word doc and then send the shadows and CER to me through email.  If you cannot do this, you may send the photo of your shadow handout separately from your CER.  If you have an iphone, if you open Notes, then open a new note, click on the camera button, you can scan document.  This will make a pdf for you to send and will take less data to send to me. PLEASE BE SURE YOU PUT YOUR NAME, CLASS PERIOD, and SHADOWS in the subject line of your email to me.   

    7.) Finish collecting moon data-clear skies or not.  Take a picture of your answers and send it to me through email. PLEASE BE SURE TO PUT YOUR NAME, CLASS PERIOD, and MOON in the subject line of your email to me.   When you are finished, go play the Moon Challenge link provided. Have fun! :)

    8.) Finish any river assignments from last week.  Do your best to stay current-no pun intended.

    9.) GO OUTSIDE!!! Notice the altitude of the sun, the clouds, the winds, the temperature variations, the areas where vegetation is beginning to grow again vs areas where it isn't, look for biological action in rocks, walk by a nearby creek and look for the meander-cutbank-sandbar, look for glacial erratics, and so much more! 

Shadows in September