Exercise Journal



    Journal Entries will be assigned every 2 weeks until we return to normal

    • You can use any device our computer to use and submit journal entires.



    • Journal start and end dates

       April 13th-April 24th

      April 27th-May 8th

      May 11th-May 22nd

      May 25th-June 5th

      June 8th-June 19th


      -Each Journal will be issued on a Monday and be submitted by students on Friday.

      - Journals will be graded as complete or incomplete in Infinate Campus.

      - I am still avaliable to meet and can be included in journal entries.   SO PLEASE REACH OUT!

      - My website is still being updated daily so please take advantage of it!


      Starting Next Monday April 13th you will beginning your 2 week Journals done on Office 365. The Link will be on this page on my website.