• Week of April 6 To Do list:

    1. Read your school email!!
    2. Get caught up on Earth Science work from past week(s)-especially the shadow lab
    3. Take a hike-look for Earth Science concepts-thanks for all the fun emails and selfies I have been getting of things you are finding! Keep them coming in!
    4. Watch the Weather-and I mean watch the meteorologist actually talk about it not just peek at the 7-day forecast.  Watch channel 13, 10, 8, Spectrum News, or Weather Channel as good sources either on TV or on their webpages. Are there any storms or fronts? What's going on with the jet stream? 
    5. Need more to do? Visit a national park or art museum virtually, go check out the Space Needle Webcam, check out the Northern Lights-all linked below. Less Animal Crossings! lol
    6. Scroll down and see my panda visitor :) 
Panda visits