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  • **I hope all of our Pittsford Mendon Boys Tennis families are staying healthy during this trying time.**

    COVID-19 may have brought our tennis season to a halt, but there are many ways for the boys to continue their fitness and tennis skill training at home.  I hope this page will be a resource for finding ideas and motivating our student athletes to continue improving off the court. 

    If our season does resume, I am hopeful that our boys will be as ready and excited to play as I am to coach them!

    Please feel free to email me at any time: pcmy101@yahoo.com or Paul_Myers@Pittsford.Monroe.edu

  • Tennis Skill Drills

    Fun Tennis Challenges (New 4/28)
    Tennis Challenges

    5 Ways to Practice Skills Alone (New 4/28)
    5 Ways to Practice

    Improve Your Serve at Home
    Improve Your Tennis Serve at Home

    Become a Better Tennis Player at Home
    Become a Better Tennis Player

    Training on a Wall
    Training on a Tennis Wall

    Tennis Activities for Home
    Tennis Activities for Home

    Fitness Rountines/Drills

    5 Tennis Exercises for Home (New 4/28)
    5 Exercises for Home

    Tennis Footwork at Home
    Tennis Footwork at Home

    Tennis Fitness Challenge
    Tennis Fitness Challenge

    Training Your Core for Tennis
    Training Your Core for Tennis


  • Sectional Champions 2019

  • *PLT4M is still available to our tennis players!  There are a bunch of workouts that do and do not require equipment.  If your son has not signed up for a free PLT4M account, email me for info!*

  • Mendon Tennis Summer Open Courts/Off-Season Fitness Training:
    Information coming soon!

    Brand New to Tennis?
    Email Coach Myers for information, or click on the images below for local tennis club information and tournament opportunities!

    Local Tennis Clubs

    Mendon Racquet & Pool Club
    MendonRPC Logo

    Tennis Club of Rochester
    TCR Logo

    Midtown Athletic Club
    Midtown Logo

    Empire Tennis Academy
    EmpireTA Logo

    Local Tournament Information

    2020 Junior Grand Prix Tournaments
    2020 Grand Prix

    USTA Website - Junior Tournament List
    USTA Logo


  • Match of the Week (New 5/11)
    2019 US Open Final - Daniil Medvedev vs. Rafael Nadal
    USOPEN Med VS Nadal