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  • 2019 Team Photo

  • *PLT4M is still available to our volleyball players!  There are a bunch of workouts that do and do not require equipment.  If your daughter has not signed up for a free PLT4M account, email me for info!*


  • Fitness Activities

    Volleyball Mobility/Flexibility (New 4/27)
    (Some good stretches to use before or after your workout)
    Volleyball Mobility

    The Best Plyo & Agility Workout
    (Sorry there's no music!)
    Plyo Workout

     The Ultimate Agility Ladder Guide
    (Use tape or chalk to make your own ladder!)
    Ladder Drills

    COVID-19 Strength Workouts w/ Reid Hall
    (Reid Hall has a bunch of great videos on YouTube!)
    Reid Hall Volleyball


  • **I hope that all of our MHS and BRMS Volleyball families are finding ways to fill their time and stay healthy during this difficult time.
    Please feel free to reach out to me at any time!**

    My hope is that this webpage will be a resource for our girls and their families when looking for ways to stay active, improve their physical fitness, and continue to develop their Volleyball specific skills. 

    With the coming months an unknown, it is very important that all of our girls are doing what they can to stay physically and mentally prepared for the Fall, as well as making time for themselves.

    I will try to update the resources on this page every few weeks until we return to the gym!

  • Volleyball Drills for Home!
    Drills To Do On Your Own

    Try This Skill Progression! (New 4/27)
    (This video may seem pretty basic and I know it says it is designed for grades 3-6, but string all of the challenges together, and use them all as a warm-up before a workout or game.  Trust me, doing this progression daily, or even weekly, will greatly improve your skills and coordination.)
    Volleyball Challenges

    10 Solo Drills
    10 Solo Drills

    Serving Wall Traps
    Wall Traps

    Classic Front & Back Setting
    (Great video for beginners and those wanting to work on their back set)
    Front & Back Setting

    Overhand Serve Fundamentals
    Overhand Serve

    Drills To Do With A Partner Or Small Group

    Great Partner Defense Drills (New 4/27)
    (Includes some drills near the end for groups of 3 or more.)
    Ball Control and Defense

    5 Partner Passing Drills
    5 Partner Passing Drills

    5 Partner Setting Drills
    5 Partner Setting Drills

    2 Ball Partner Drills
    2 Ball Partner Drills


  • Coaching Corner

    *This is an area where I will be sharing some videos from the top volleyball coaches in the world, as well as some interesting highlights or clips of matches for fun!*

    Drill of the Week
    Defensive Practice/Game
    Defensive Game

    Game of the Week
    2018 VNL Final - Turkey vs USA
    Turkey vs USA 2018