• Week of April 13!

    Hard to believe that it has been one month since we saw each other last.  I have missed all of you so much.   

    Your To Do List:

    1.) Attend videoconference on Teams.  Office Hours will be explained as will questions that you have about anything we have been doing the past couple of weeks.  PLEASE come to this with questions about things you need explained about rivers, landscapes, or glaciers.  Please see school email or log into Teams to see details of dates/times. 

    2.) In Teams, even if you cannot go to the videoconference for whatever reason, please respond to the post by class period. 

    3.) Shadow Lab and CER. I will be sending you comments and feedback about your shadow labs through email later this week or early next week. Make corrections and resend. I will be putting directions in your email about this.

    • If you have not yet completed this assignment, please find the first sunny day, get the shadow data collected and then write your CER. Remember, you only need a couple brief moments of sunshine to do this-but you will need to do it once an hour for about 4 hours. Take a picture of your assignment OR upload picture into the Word document and then send me the word document-either share on Office 365 or send email.  PLEASE INCLUDE NAME, CLASS PERIOD, AND SHADOW LAB in the subject of your email. You can also turn this in through Teams.

    4.) Still missing work from the past couple weeks? Or just getting started on work? Where-ever you are in your educational journey, make a to do list, and check each piece off as you complete them.  If you need assistance with this I will be happy to help you with this. 

    5.) Caught up and ready to go? Awesome! Read on...

    • Thursday this week I will be posting an assignment about vertical and horizontal sorting in rivers for you to complete. Check back here on Thursday for more information.
    • Ok so now it is Friday and I haven't put this assignment together...oops-no worries-get some fresh air and I'll post work on Monday. Have a good weekend everyone

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