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Mrs. Carpin's Home Learning Resources

  • The Third Grade teachers are working together to provide Home Learning Resources for our students while we are away from school. The primary method for sharing these resources will be via email to students' parents. You can expect to receive an email with the most recent learning resources no later than Monday at 9am.  

    Please note: The weekly email is the primary source of learning resources!

    I will archive our learning resources on our Office365 Team page.  Students must log-in to Office365 to access the materials.

    The district has created a page for Home Learning Resources on each school's website. Please see the Mendon Center Home Learning Plans page for details.

    PowerPoint presentations I have created and a few other items are also housed on my teacher site according to the dates they were sent home.  Please see the links to the left.

    New Learning & Feedback

    Each week’s home learning resources include opportunities for students to:

    1. Engage in new learning (along with continued review)
    2. Share something they have learned or completed
    3. Get informal feedback from their teacher

    Friendly Reminders

    We know this is not business as usual and every family is doing their best during unusual circumstances. 

    1. Home learning activities are optional. However, we hope that students will engage with these activities to the extent possible.
    2. No student work will be graded.
    3. For some subjects, we included extra questions or prompts so that you can choose what you would like to do.   You do not need to complete them all! 

    You can also expect to receive additional resources from Special Area teachers from time to time.

    If you have questions or concerns regarding these files, or other issues, please reach out via email: angela_carpin@pittsford.monroe.edu