• Week of April 20!!  Earth Day April 22! What are YOU going to do? 


    1.) Go to Teams and complete the Grand Canyon Assignment.  To do this, there is a Word Doc to open.  You might find it easier to open the document on your desktop rather than the online version, but figure out what is easiest for you.  Within the doc are links to click on with short videos to watch.  Then fill in the questions after watching each video.  When you are finished, turn in the assignment through Teams. This is due Sunday. 

    2.) Make corrections to your Shadow Lab CERs that were submitted and returned to you. Please make all corrections using the  Shadow Corrections Assignment in Teams.  If you emailed me the Shadow Lab-then I replied to your email.  If you submitted it last week in Teams, check for feedback there. I have put websites and a power point below for additional help. This is due Friday.

    3.) Wednesday is Earth Day.  Over the next week, choose one thing from the list to celebrate Earth Week and send me a quick email stating what you did and how you celebrated.  

    4.) Office Hours will be:

    • Wednesday 12-12:30 and Friday 12-1-come any time, either day with questions about Grand Canyon, shadows, rivers, landscapes, etc. 
    • Period 7 office hours are Wednesday 12:30-1:00

    5.) A few of you still owe the Moon Phases lab and a few still owe the Shadow Lab.  Get 'er done.  I have sent emails to those who needed to do Moon Phases corrections. 

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