GO TO..
    Website - to get assignments from HW Calendars
    365 Teams  - to access additional assigned activities
    Zoom - to video chat with teachers
    Infinite Campus - to see if your work has been recorded as turned in
    Purple Page - to easily move from one CORE teacher to another|
    Email - to send a message to just me

    Communication Description:
    1 - Teacher Website.
    We are trying to send less information by email.
    This only works if you check teacher websites and homework calendars.
    Go to teacher websites to view homework, see links, get files, etc. 
    Your work will be attached there.

    2 - Video Conferencing
    Go to ZOOM.COM. 
    We will meet on Zoom every Monday (10:00) and Wednesday (11:00).
    See top of this page for meeting information.  

    3 - Office 365 Teams
    Are you on TEAMS in Office 365?
    By now, you should be. There are assessments there for you to do.
    CHECK your office 365 Email Account every morning.
    There is a chat feature on Teams that is for school discussions only.
    TEAMS can be used to talk about school work with each other.
    Question for me? Send me an email.
    If you want to be social, get on Edmodo. 

    4 - Infinite Campus
    Work is now being recorded.
    See Infinite Campus to view if your work has been recorded as turned in.
    All work will be turned in when we return to school.

    5 - Social
    I am encouraging kids to get on Edmodo OFTEN. This is a great way to connect with classmates!
    Just talk to one another. Leave a message AND comment on other messages.
    Think of Edmodo as the Barker Road hallway or cafeteria.
    Edmodo code = h48pxj. Check in often and add to the Edmodo discussion.
    Hint to join: Go to right side.
    See where it says, "My classes"
    to the right of that there are 3 dots.   ...
    Click on those 3 dots.
    Click join class
    Enter the code. h48pxj
    You are in!

    5 - Email
    Emails will be sent directly to students via Office 365 accounts.
    All info. and assignments are on this website and HW Calendar.
    If you don't think you are getting the emails, it is fine. Just check this website.
    You can ALWAYS email me directly for any reason.
    Send me an email whenever you need. I will respond.