• Week of April 27...To Do List:

    1.) Complete the TWO pre-assessment assignments in your Castle Learning account.  PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY:  Pre-assessments are to determine what you know only and they help me plan what assignments you need to do next.  CL is set so you will not get any feedback/hints .  Don't stress if you don't know the answers!- just like we have done pre-assesments throughout the school year in class-Due Thursday.  

    2.) Finish your Shadow lab Corrections.  Those who just recently turned in Shadow Lab I will be sending you feedback no later than Tuesday evening so that you can start your corrections. 

    3.) Finish Grand Canyon Assignment in Teams-Due Tuesday

    4.) Finish Earth Week assignment from last week-can turn in through either email or in Teams-Due Wednesday.

    5.) Office Hours: Wednesday 12-12:30 for period 9, 12:30-1 for period 7 and Friday 12-1 for periods 2 & 4.  I am available at other times to meet for office hours if needed. Office hours this week will be to check in and ask question on assignments.  

    6.) Later this week, and after completing pre-assessments in Castle Learning, you will be receiving an assignment to complete through Teams.