Smooth and Successful Transitions

  • The CRMS counseling staff is dedicated to ensure your student has a smooth transition to middle school and high school. We communicate extensively with elementary school teachers, counselors, and administrators to gather data for placement.  We then meet individually with every 8th grader to discuss high school courses and electives.  We provide the high school counselors with pertinent information so they can have an overview of your student. Please contact us if you have any questions!

    6th Grade Parent Orientation Slideshow

    2021-2022 High School Program of Studies 

    2021-2022 Timeline for 8 to 9 Scheduling

    January:  Program of Studies Night:  Parents will have the opportunity to access a virtual Program of Studies Night experience. Click here to view.

    January 25-29:  All 8 th grade students will view videos to gain a better understanding of elective course offerings.  This will happen during physical education class for all students.

    February 1-5:  Counselors will be meeting with students in classes to discuss scheduling choices and to answer questions.

    February 8-12:  Middle School counselors will be available for any questions regarding elective course selection.Course recommendations will be mailed home in early February.

    Please review High School recommendations with your child and their elective choices.

    Spring, 2020:  You will receive a list of your requested courses from SHS confirming specific course choices.  For changes in elective choices prior to April 1, contact your student’s counselor; after April 1, contact the SHS Counseling Office at 267-1160. 

    If you have any general questions about the timeline, feel free to contact the Counseling office at 267-1960.