• Shadow Lab Assistance

    Whether you are trying to start the lab or make corrections to it, this is the place to find resources to help you. Below you will find links and files to sites that can help you with the lab.  


    1.) How do I collect shadow data?

    I have a printer: then print the first page of the assignment in landscape mode.  

    I do not have a printer: then you can hand-make your own assignment page on a blank piece of paper OR you can use sidewalk chalk in the driveway and take a picture of that.  Be sure you label compass directions on your driveway. 

    2.) How do I find north? 

    Use your compass app on your phone.  Be sure that your paper north faces north each time you collect data. 

    3.) what can I use as an object?

    Anything small-use a game board piece (like from Sorry), a pushpin, a Hershey kiss, a toothpick, a Lego person, etc. 

    If you are using sidewalk chalk in your driveway, use something larger like a human, a Barbie doll type toy that can stand on its' own, a can of Pam cooking spray, etc. Be sure that what you use is placed in the exact same place each time.  You may want to trace human footprints to be sure they place their feet in the same place each time. 

    4.) How do I do my CERs? 

    You'll need to do some thinking about these.  Daily shadow patterns are caused by one thing whereas Seasonal shadow patterns are caused by another.  Evidence is data that is collected during the procedure.  You have personally collected data over the course of 4 hours AND you have colelcted data once a month since September.  While I can't hand you your data since September, we scanned some student data into the lab for you to look at. Reasoning is where  you explain your evidence.  "because" should only be used in reasoning.  It is not a claim or evidnece. Below are some good reliable sources of information about the shadow lab-both as files and as links. Use these for assistance. 

Files for Shadow Lab