The Main Office - MCE Handbook

  • The Main Office
    The MCE Main Office, located just as you walk in the school’s Main Entrance (near the flagpole), is the center of all MCE activity. Here you will find our Reception Area, the offices of our Principal and Assistant Principal, and administrative staff who can help answer questions and make appointments. Teacher and staff mailboxes, PTSA folders, and copies of recent school and district flyers and publications are also available here. The Main Office phone number is 267-1400; the fax number is 267-1430. Please note that the number to call when reporting absences due to illness is 267-1409.

    The Main Office Reception Area
    Visitor and Student Sign-In and Sign-Out.
    The Main Office Reception Area is the welcome center for all visitors to the school.  Upon arrival at MCE, all visitors must sign in and receive a Visitor’s Sticker at the Receptionist’s desk. Students arriving late to school must be brought inside and signed in at the Reception Area by a parent or designee, while students leaving the building during school hours must be met by a parent or designee at the Reception Area and be signed out. 

    Delivery of Items

    It is in the best interest of students’ education and sense of responsibility for you not to make a practice of bringing forgotten items into school. However, for those times that it is necessary to bring things in for your child, the main office staff will deliver selected items deemed necessary by grade levels.

    Items acceptable for delivery by grade level are:
    Kindergarten:  All items acceptable
    1st Grade:         Eyeglasses, lunch, sneakers/shoes, recess clothes
    2nd Grade:        Eyeglasses, lunch, sneakers/shoes
    3rd Grade:        Eyeglasses, lunch, sneakers/shoes
    4th Grade:        Eyeglasses only
    5th Grade:        Eyeglasses only

    Please label items with your child’s name, grade, and teacher. Office staff will deliver the items to students as soon as is possible.