Attendance and Absences - MCE Handbook

  • Attendance and Absences

    When a student is unable to attend school, parents should call the Attendance Line at 267-1409 before 9:00 a.m. Parents should give the student’s name, the teacher’s name, and the reason for the absence. If a parent forgets to call, the school will call the home to confirm the reason for the student’s absence.

    Written notes explaining all absences, late arrivals, and early releases are required. The note should contain the child’s name, the reason for and dates of absence, tardiness, or early release, and the signature of the parent/guardian.

    Accepted reasons for absences and tardiness include personal illness, family illness, medical appointments, a death in the family, religious observance, impassable roads or bad weather, school-sponsored activities, Principal-approved educational experiences, music lessons, court attendance, and activities in which students are representing the school or district. Although MCE recognizes that some travel experiences may provide unique learning opportunities for students, absences due to family travel or vacations are considered unexcused by New York State and cannot be condoned by the school. Please be sure to inform your child’s teacher in writing of any planned school absences.

    Missed Work
    Recognizing the importance of direct instruction and the fact that homework is usually based on in-class work, homework assignments are typically not provided for school time missed due to family travel. Instead, it is suggested that parents encourage such trip-related educational activities as keeping a journal, reading about the area visited, or learning map skills.  Exceptions to this policy may be made at the discretion of the classroom teacher and with a minimum of two weeks notice.  Parents whose children miss school due to family travel should expect to take some responsibility for working with their child to catch up on missed assignments.

    If a child is absent due to illness, please refer to MCE’s homework policy.