To Do List for the Week:

  • Week of May 11...

    1.) Shadow Lab corrections--need these asap.  Email me with questions/concerns/problems OR come to office hours to discuss. Most issues are easy fixes! 

    2.) Who Dun It assignment in Teams.  This assignment is a fun twist on sequencing events-you need to solve who took the last cookie by using the clues provided.  The second page introduces you to Earth Science concepts which we will build upon next week.   

    3.) Check Teams for other new assignments.  Some of you will have different assignments again this week based on your pre-assessment data. 

    4.) If Ms B has sent you an email asking for you to do something like email me the answer to a question, fix something, resubmit, or send something-you need to do this!  Check your student emails!

    5.) Check Infinite Campus for assignments that are still missing.  


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