Field Trips - MCE Handbook

  • Field Trips

    Field trips are encouraged to expose students to experiences that cannot be duplicated in the classroom. Prior to each field trip, a permission slip will be sent home for your signature and return. Your permission must be obtained before your child can participate in a field trip. If the field trip involves students coming in contact with live animals, information regarding the procedures and guidelines for handling of the animals will be sent home by your child’s teacher prior to the field trip (See also Animals).

    Parent volunteers serve as invaluable chaperones on field trips and may sign up to participate at the Fall Open House. Chaperones play an important role in terms of providing for student safety, supervision, and - in many cases - are asked to provide necessary instruction to support student learning during the field trip experience.  Consequently, parent chaperones may not bring siblings on the field trip as this would distract from your role as a chaperone.  Unless specified ahead of time by the classroom teacher, parents attending a field trip are limited to those parents who have signed up and are serving in the capacity of a chaperone.  Chaperone's entry fees, if any, will be paid for by the school.

    **Please note that parents chaperoning or attending field trips may not take their children home from activities conducted off the school grounds without prior written notification to teachers.