• More About Area

    Please watch this video before doing the More Practice with Area task.  

    This video:

     -reviews how to find area

     - emphasizes the importance of labeling area correctly, and shows different ways to label square units

     - provides strategies to find the length of a side if the measurement is missing

     - shows how to use subtraction as a strategy to find the are of some shapes



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  • Optional Project: Design a House 2020

    This is an optional project that is a fun way to apply what we have learned about area, while also practicing maps/floorplans, drawing, spacial reasoning, and writing.  Please contact Mrs. Carpin if you have any questions.

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  • All materials for this week are available on the MCE Home Learning Page and in our class's Microsoft 365 Team page.

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    Please contact Mrs. Carpin with any questions: