Parent Teacher Communication - MCE Handbook

  • Parent/Teacher Communication

    Ongoing Communication
    Parents may communicate with teachers in various ways, including written messages, telephone calls/messages through the Main Office, e-mail, and scheduled conferences and appointments. Please do not attempt to present and resolve issues while your child’s teacher is with students--especially during arrival and dismissal times! During such times, teachers’ attention is focused on their students and they are unable to devote their full attention to your concerns. 

    If you have a concern about your child’s school experience, you should speak first with your child’s teacher. If you are unable to resolve the issue, then schedule an appointment with the Principal and/or School Counselor.

    Fall conferences for all MCE students are scheduled at the fall Open House. There are three one-half days reserved for formal parent/teacher conferences. Students do not attend school during these days, and arrangements should be made for the care of grade K-4 students during conference time—it is not appropriate for students to come to school and wait in the hallway or Main Office during conferences.  Fifth-grade students attend and participate in fall conferences with their parents.
    Although parents are always welcome to make arrangements to meet with teachers, the school’s optional spring conferences are arranged at the teachers’ request. One half-day is reserved for these conferences, during which time there is no school instruction.

    Report Cards
    Report cards for grades K-5 are posted on Infinite Campus in November, March and June. In June a final report card is sent home in the child's backpack as well as posted on Infinite Campus.  If you have not yet activated your Infinite Campus account, please contact the Main Office at 267-1400 for instructions on how to do so. In addition to these formal reporting times, the parent/teacher conferences, held in late November/early December (and optionally again in March) are an opportunity for a less formal dialogue with your child’s teacher regarding your child’s progress in school.  The primary purpose of the reporting system is to provide accurate and honest information concerning pupil progress to parents and students, and to work collaboratively to set and achieve goals.  Please note that report cards cannot be released prior to the date set by the school district.

    Student Folders
    A cumulative folder is kept for each child that attends MCE.  The folders are considered confidential and are treated as such by the teachers. Parents are always welcome to examine their child’s folder upon request to the teacher or principal, and may request copies of any or all parts of the folder. Parents must examine the folder in the presence of a staff member. No one may remove any originals from the folder for any purpose. (See also Appendix B: Student Records – Notification of Rights).

    Supplies Lists
    Some supplies lists for the following year are sent home with the students’ end-of-year report cards. Others are included in a summer mailing to your home. Please refrain from sending in additional or differing supplies. If you have questions regarding the list, please contact the school. Any hardship concerns may be brought to the attention of the Principal.  (See also Student Opportunity Fund.)