• Week of June 1...

    Guys, I never expected to be typing out a coronavirus to do list on June 1st to you. When we left on Friday March 13th, that day was so full of uncertainty but I never had expected we would have been apart this long!  This week we should be in the classroom, collecting shadows and going for walks in Thornell Farm Park when we are not taking the lab practical.  But sadly, we remain apart from each other. I get to go into the classroom this week-I expect it to be eerie without you all there.  I hope you are all doing well and have not yet mentally gone into summer break mode.  You've got ONE MORE topic to cover before being done: WEATHER! :)

    Here is this week's To Do List:

    1.) Complete the Understanding Weather Assignment in Teams.  This will cover some of the topics in Weather we did not cover at the beginning of the school year and includes things like air pressure, air masses, and fronts.  The last page of the assignent includes some options for you including tornadoes, thundertorms, hail, and microbursts.  Weather is my FAVORITE subject! There is SO much we don't know about weather and we are learning new info daily. This assignment is due Friday, June 12. 

    2.) Office hours this week are Wednesday at 12 noon for periods 7 & 9 and Friday at noon for periods 2 & 4. Bring questions you have!!! Or just show up even if you don't have any questions so we can plan next week's office hours get together farewell party. :)

    3.) Past due assignments can be turned in at any time.  If you are turning in a past due assignment from March or April, please send me an email so I know to go look for it. Thanks! :) The LAST DAY to turn in past due assignments is Friday, June 12.  

    4.) I am looking forward to seeing your Earth Science Scavenger Hunts-these are due this week.  Please take some time to do this assignment-you have no idea how much I miss you guys and how much it helps me to see  you in these pictures.  Kudos to those who have already turned this in-thank you-you really lifted my spirits last week!!!! 



This week's weather forecast

This week's weather