Placement Procedures - MCE Handbook

  • Placement Procedures

    In the spring of each year, a placement process is implemented that leads to classroom assignments for the following year. The process is lengthy and complex. It requires the consideration of a number of criteria, and it takes into account both the individual student as well as the group. Our placement process is a team effort, and it is done with great care. The team consists of the classroom teachers; the principal; school counselors; reading, special education teachers and additional specialists as necessary. The principal, however, makes final placement decisions.

    The team meets and considers such factors as academic needs, individual learning styles, social development, and peer relationships. Classes are designed to be well balanced in terms of academic abilities, social-emotional needs, and number of boys and girls. The ultimate goal is the optimum placement for each child.

    Parents may provide input to the placement team by completing a form that is sent home to them in April. If a parent has extenuating circumstances that need to be considered, they may send a letter marked “Confidential—To the Principal.” Out of respect for all individuals in our school community, it is asked that parents refrain from any information or requests that are judgmental in nature, pertaining to specific students or teachers.

    Parents should be assured that the staff will review each child’s needs individually and select the classroom in which they believe the child will learn effectively. Statements identifying the coming school year’s classroom placements will be mailed home in mid-August.