Publications and Resources - MCE Handbook

  • Publications and Resources

    There are many publications and resources available to help you keep informed about activities at MCE and in the school district:

    The Take-Home Folder
    This two-pocket folder, provided by MCE PTSA for all MCE students at the beginning of the year, is the main form of communication between school and home.  Students should take it to and from school in their backpacks each day. Parents may send in notes to the teacher in the folder, and should remember to check the folder after school each day for any flyers, notes from teachers, or other announcements or messages.

    The MCE School Directory
    This directory is prepared each year by PTSA. It contains lists/phone numbers regarding school faculty, the PTSA Board, individual classes (organized by grade and teacher), and students. It is distributed only to the families of MCE students and includes only those students for whom parental permission for inclusion has been given. The directory is only for the use of the school community and cannot be used for any other purpose. We ask that you please respect the privacy of those who choose to be listed.

    The MCExpress

    The MCExpress is an MCE PTSA newsletter distributed online via email each Friday to anyone who has signed up to receive it. The MCExpress includes information and dates regarding upcoming events (e.g., Roller Skating party schedules, early dismissal notices for conferences, an upcoming Spelling Bee or picnic.). It also details other timely information and often includes important flyers (e.g., after-school program registration forms). To sign up to receive the online newsletter, go to


    This Pittsford Central School District web site provides many useful district reports, overviews, answers to frequently asked questions, and links. MCE has its own page on the site. The related PTSA site can be accessed at (See also Parent Participation).

    The Pittsford Schools Calendar
    This calendar is mailed to all Pittsford school families near the beginning of the school year.  It contains such invaluable information as dates of school vacations, conferences, and concerts; School Board meeting times and locations; PTSA meeting times for each school; and Pittsford School program TV broadcast times (Cable Channel 12).  Many people find it useful to go through the calendar when they first receive it and transfer any pertinent dates to their personal or family calendars.

    Other Resources
    You will receive many other useful pieces of information throughout the year. Among them are the District PTSA News Update, distributed to students to detail and announce the many PTSA-sponsored activities and events; and the Pittsford School News, the school district’s monthly newsletter, which is mailed directly to your home. Also remember to check for timely information on the Bulletin Board located just inside the Main Entrance to MCE.