Recess - MCE Handbook

  • Recess

    General Information
    After lunch--except on days with severely inclement weather--students go outside for recess. In the case of very bad weather, indoor activities are organized. Parents are welcome to accompany their children to recess but must first sign in at the Main Office Reception Area and display a Visitor’s Sticker. Parents are also welcome on the playground as volunteer supervisors in the Parents on the Playground (POP) program (See also Parent Participation).

    Please remember to send in appropriate clothing for recess.  During winter weather, snow pants, warm coats, boots, hats, and gloves are needed. During fall and spring months, mud boots are often appropriate. Parents should also send in a complete change of clothes for your child to keep in his/her locker in case clothes get too wet or muddy to be worn comfortably for the rest of the day. During warmer weather, a significant number of playground injuries occur due to children wearing flip-flops and open back shoes.  Children who are not wearing appropriate footwear will not be permitted to play kickball, soccer, or other games of this nature, or allowed on the playground structure.  Parents can send in an extra pair of sneakers which may be kept in your child’s locker for recess time as an option.

    Recess time is time for recreational activity.  Sports such as lacrosse and hockey require protective padding and helmets for safe play.  To maintain student safety these activities will not be allowed during recess time.  Children will not be permitted to bring hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks or baseball bats to school.

    We ask that parents do not bring non-school aged siblings to use the playground from
    11:45-1:30 daily. That is the time that MCE students are participating in recess, and it makes supervision more difficult for the staff.

    If a doctor has advised that your child is able to go to school but unable to participate at recess, you should send in a written note to the Health Office. Arrangements will then be made for your child to remain inside. Children who have been excused from Physical Education for medical reasons may not participate in lunchtime recreation and will go to the Library during recess. (See also Physical Education and Physical Education Excuses.)

    Playground Rules
    Students are supervised during recess by aides and parent volunteers. Here, too, it is extremely important that children be aware of and follow basic rules of safety and respect (see also Discipline). Please help us in reinforcing the following Playground Rules:

    1. Follow directions the first time.
    2. Use equipment safely, stay seated on the swings, and do not jump off of them. Come down all slides feet first, seated, and one at a time.
    3. No rough play or tackling.
    4. Do not bring food on the playground.
    5. Wear sneakers--not sandals, flip-flops, open-toed, or heeled shoes—to play soccer, basketball, or football.
    6. Be dressed for the weather.
    7. Do not play in puddles, slide on ice, or throw snowballs.
    8. Keep track of your lunch box and belongings. Put them in a safe place.
    9. Line up immediately at your door when the whistle is blown.
    10. Come into the building quietly.