AP English Literature and Composition

  • Students in AP English Literature and Composition will explore college-level reading and writing, and they will experience ample opportunities to engage in discussions of literature and the writer’s craft. The goal of this course is to expose students a wide variety of reading and writing styles and genres and prepare them for college work in these areas. AP English Literature and Composition is a course certified by the College Board, and there is an AP exam in early May that assesses student achievement and can earn college credit and/or enhance college placement. Students enrolled in AP Literature are expected to take the exam in May.

    While we learned in early July that there is no formal summer reading assignment this year (2020), it would be in students' best interests to read a few books that they find interesting and intellectually stimulating. If your circumstances permit, I encourage you to read a couple books (novels, plays, or poetry, especially).  I'll be reading Leo Tolstoy's novel, Anna Karenina, over the summer, as well as How To Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster, and a few other works.


    Letter to Your Teacher (REVISED -- OPTIONAL)

    Prior to your English class last year, you may have composed and sent a Letter to Your Teacher, and you have the option of doing the same for AP English Literature and Composition. Some students sent me a letter before July 6th; I appreciate the perspectives and reflections those students offered in their letters. So, if you'd like, you could tell me a little about yourself and why you have elected to take this AP class. Again, this communication is strictly optional. You can reach me at Victor_Northrup@pittsford.monroe.edu. I look forward to meeting all the students in our course in person when school starts up again!

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