Staying In Touch - MCE Handbook

  • Staying in Touch

    Open communication is an invaluable part of the MCE environment. Parents are always welcome to participate in decision-making and school activities and to contact the school regarding questions, concerns, or suggestions. Incoming Kindergarteners and their parents are invited to an informative orientation session in August. In addition, our School Counselor provides a welcoming orientation in late August for students in Grades 1-5 who have registered during the summer. Once a family is part of the MCE community, a variety of communication tools, many of which are detailed below, are available to them.

    Open Houses

    There are two open houses during the year. The first occurs during the summer or near the beginning of the school year and is a time to come into the school to meet and speak with teachers. For Grades K-3, children may accompany parents. The Grade 4 and 5 Open Houses are considered informal sessions for parents only. The Open Houses also give parents the chance to look around the classroom, meet room parents and others, and sign up for conferences and volunteer opportunities—it’s a good idea to bring your calendar!

    The second open house occurs in the spring. Parents and children (including siblings) attend this event together and have a chance to see much of the children’s work displayed in their classrooms.

    Room Parents

    Each classroom has two volunteer room parents, who facilitate communication between teachers and parents and who coordinate with teachers to recruit volunteers for class events. Room parents are also liaisons between parents and the PTSA. Room parents are expected to attend a meeting in late August before school begins, to be present at the fall Open House, and to be available throughout the year as needed. If necessary, they will be asked to participate in Emergency Phone Trees.

    Forms inviting parents to become room parents for the following year are sent home with existing MCE students at the end of each previous school year. Parents of students in the incoming Kindergarten class are also notified of room parent openings.  Please understand that, since there are many parents who would like to be involved in this activity, you may be a Room Parent for only one MCE class a year.  Room parent assignments are made on a rotating basis from year to year.