• Having the proper work space is important for your success. In my workspace I have my plants, coffee, a window for natural light and a comfy chair.

    What makes YOUR work space special?    

    Work space


    Best Study Practices 

    1. Read assigned texts/handouts
    2. Don’t procrastinate
    3. Pay attention to the organization of the text
    4. Highlight key points/terms in text as you read
    5. Review often!
    6. Study with a group 
    7. Get help before it’s too late
    8. Do homework assignments
    9. Make an outline or take notes of your reading
    10. Set aside a quiet place to study with few distractions

    Best Ways to Prepare for a Test 

    1. Review notes
    2. Reorganize notes
    3. Review text summaries and highlighted points
    4. Get together with study partners (choose ones who are serious about succeeding)
    5. Complete study guides and/or practice tests
    6. Ask questions you are unclear on before the exam/understand what is being tested
    7. Read assigned texts/handouts
    8. Make note cards
    9. Eat well and get enough sleep

    Best Things to Do in Class to Succeed 

    1. Ask questions and participate
    2. Take notes that you can understand
    3. Attend class
    4. Pay attention (turn off cell phone)
    5. Come prepared
    6. Sit where you can see and hear the instructor
    7. Tell instructor if you are having trouble with the way he/she is teaching
    8. Get to know the instructor
    9. Read applicable text before class so you know what to expect
    10. Eat well and get enough sleep

    Best Resources to Help You Succeed 

    1. Instructor
    2. Find a study partner for each subject 
    3. Library
    4. Homework Club (everyday afterschool!)
    5. Paraprofessionals / Teachers
    6. Study Group
    7. You – be proactive, ask for help

    What Strategies work for YOU?