Key Contacts - Physical Education Department

  • Pittsford Physical Education Staff

    Rev. 2/10/12


    Physical Education Standards Leader K-12

    Esther Marino


    Mendon High School

    Fred Ricci*

    Craig Northrup

    Heidi Rassmussen

    Brian Tripp

    Kerryn Thompson


    Sutherland High School

    Kathy Hutteman*

    Richard Copeland

    Jason Bernas

    Sean Hopkins

    Keith Pittinaro


    Calkins Road Middle School

    Charles Webster*
    Mark Hurley
    Tracy Hopkins


    Barker Road Elementary

    Janet Wright*

    Jason Bovenzi

    Jamie Coles

    Stephen Schreib


    Adapted Physical Education

    James McAlpin*

    Daniel Caparco


    Allen Creek Elementary School

    Robert Novitsky*

    James McAlpin


    Jefferson Road Elementary School 

    Bret Burrows*
    Esther Marino


    Mendon Center Elementary School

    Pam Creighton*

    Lee Gibson

    Andrew Whipple

    Park Road Elementary School

    Raymond Soja*

    Thornell Road Elementary School

    Gregory Bischoping*
    Kimberly Hill

    Guide to symbols:

    *  Department Leader (Middle and H.S.) / Building Contact (Elementary)