• Kindergarten is the foundation to all your literacy skills.


    By the end of kindergarten students will begin to learn and apply these taught skills:

    • Letter name and sound associtation. For example. A apple /a/
    • Upon hearing a sound, they will be able to identify that letter name and 
    • Students will master Trick Words- These words are words that can not be sounded out and do not follow phonetic rules. 
    • Students will learn to tap out CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words inorder to both read and write words.
    • By the end of kendergarten, your child will be able to read books that have multiple sentences on a page. These sentences follow less of a pattern than previous books. Many of the words are sight words (trick words) and can be phoneticly decoded.
    • Some words will be unfamilar but student will begin to identify words by using new reading strategies.