• Meet the Teacher 2023!

    I am so excited to meet all of my STAR fourth graders!

    Supply Drop Off and Meeting will be on Wednesday September 6th from 2-3PM

    This is a list of the items that are attached below. Feel free to look through them when you have time! Links will be added the week before Meet the Teacher night

    Meet the Teacher Letter

    Classroom Brochure: This has helpful info about our classroom this year, including our schedules. You can print it out and keep it in a safe place if you ever have questions.

    Parent Survey Form: I'd love you to fill this out and share some information about your child and yourself so I can know more about you all! Please click on this link to access the form. 

    We will have a lot of time to share with each other during the first couple weeks of school. We will be doing this using a "Me Bag" presentation. This is your first homework assignment!! Don't worry, I think you will all do great! During the first week of school, students will take turns sharing their "Me Bags" filled with 3-5 items that help explain who you are to the class. These can be pictures, items that are special to you, something that shows your favorite hobby, favorite color, favorite sports team, favorite memories etc. Please only bring items that can fit in a bag inside of your backpack. For safety reasons, these will stay in your backpack, so try to pick small light items that are not breakable and easy to transport! We will take turns during the week to share our bags. 

    Please AS ALWAYS email me with any questions!! I am looking forward to a great year of collaborating and growing with you!

    Love, Mrs. Madden



Meet Mrs. Madden!

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Classroom Info Brochure

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