Be a Pineapple: Stand Tall, Wear a Crown, and Be Sweet on the Inside

District Band Concert
  • Mrs. Trapiss is excited to be at Sutherland High School to begin her 24th year of teaching! She previously had been at Calkins Road Middle School since its opening! Prior to that she taught 7 years in Rush-Henrietta.


    On this website you will find important information about the Sutherland High School Music Department and more specifically the Concert Band and Wind Ensemble.


    CONGRATULATIONS to Daniel Kinney (mallets) and Hannah Wang (flute) for being selected for the 2021 NYSSMA All-State Symphonic Band and Cole Pringle (trumpet) for being selected for the 2021 All-State Symphony Orchestra. Daniel Kinney was also selected as an alternate on snare drum.

    Congratulations to Andrew Pinkham(euphonium) and Camryn Wlostowski (flute) on being selected to participate in the Nazareth Honors Band and Edward Wu (Saxophone) for being selected for the Roberts Wesleyan Honors Band.


    Congratulations to the following students for participating in the High School All-County Band and Orchestra: Addie Canning, Matthew O'Heron, Ryan Kunze, Cole Pringle, Edward Wu, Lina Yang, Zachary Canning, and Kimberly Wang.


    Feel free to contact me at any time at or 267-3866

  • Current Information:


    As we move further into the school year, plans are still ever-changing.  We do know a few things at this point.

    1. Our normal concert schedule is on.
    2. The music teachers are looking at many different ways to help students find a deeper undestanding of how music works and the emotional effect it has on us as well as the reward of how music connects us to others. We will have Mindful Mondays, Theory Thursdays and Fun Fridays throughout the year.