Art Room Expectations

Art Class Guidelines

  • Art Class is Fun When We Work Together!


    • Act Responsibly:

    Take care of your art materials even when you aren't in art. Sharpen your pencils and put your art tools back in the box or bag when you are finished with them.

    Label your art materials with your name.

    Be prepared with your sketchbook and smock (K-2) when Mrs. Kirkebye arrives.

    Wash your hands before art class begins and when it ends.

    Wear your mask over your nose.

    Stay seated and socially distant from your classmates.

    Raise your hand to take a turn to speak.

    • Respect:

     Yourself: Don't be too hard on yourself. What are you doing WELL?

    Others: Be kind! Complement your classmates on their artwork.

    Materials: Art materials are very special. If you take care of them they will last a long time.

    (ex: use your sketchbook only for art class and art lessons so it lasts longer)

    (ex: If you borrow materials from Mrs. Kirkebye, return them at the end of class to the red "used" box so they can be made safe for other students)

    •  Try Your Best:

     Set goals for yourself.

    Be positive.

    It takes time to learn a new skill!