2020-2021 Yearbook Information

  • Senior picture photos must be submitted digitally to  https://yearbookforever.com

    For digital submission of senior pictures and baby pictures, please go to link above, click community upload and put in code vikings. File Name must be “Student’s last name _ first name”.  See additional directions below.

     All Senior Submissions are DUE October 16th 2020!

     Deadlines for submissions are October 16, 2020  
    • Aspect Ratio of 4X5 in portrait/vertical orientation - not the image print size.
    • File Size should be minimum 600 x 750 pixels OR 2" X 2.5" inches @ 300 dpi and, in addition, a jpeg file.  You do NOT need to resize the image to meet those dimensions.
    • Head and Shoulders Shot in Portrait Orientation, Color
    • Head Size (from top of the head to chin) should be approximately 1/2 of the image
    • Attire school appropriate and meets dress code 
    • Hands acceptable
    • No Hats, Props, Sports Uniform, Mirror, or Special Effects
    • No Soft Effects
    • No Undergarments Showing
    Digital submissions required.  


    Online sales have been going through the summer for a sale price of $80.00.  It will end on October 16 th for Mendon High School.  Get your copy before the price goes up.

    Click on the link below to purchase your yearbook!



    The high school years are a unique time in a person’s life. Teens experience strong loyalties about their friends, teammates, classmates and school. Show your support of your kid and their life at Pittsford Mendon with a personal ad in the 2021 Heimskringla yearbook. You also have the option to purchase a baby ad for your senior at the prices below plus tax. Please go to  https://yearbookforever.com  to purchase your advertisement. Due date for Baby and Now and Then Portraits are October 16th 2020.

          Size and Cost Photo Guidelines

          Parents:  Note Limit

    Very Large (1/2 page) $105 Maximum 8 photos 350 characters

    Large (1/3 page) $70 Maximum 6 photos 350 characters

    Medium (1/4 page) $55 Maximum 4 photos 250 characters

    Small (1/8 page) $30 Maximum 2 photos 150 characters

    Senior Portrait, Then & Now Submissions and Specifications – **Digital Submission Required**

    Please go to yearbookforever.com, click community upload and put in code vikings. File Name must be “Student’s last name _ first name”. For example, Smith_Alexa.jpg. Please also put this name in the notes section. We do our best to respect your photo choice; however, know that MHS yearbook reserves the right to refuse a photo. If you do not turn in your selected senior picture submission; MHS yearbook will use the school photo taken in the fall. Any questions or concerns, please email Sonya Charatz at sonya_charatz@pittsford.monroe.edu.

  • School picture days are coming!

    School pictures for Fall 2020 will be coming on September 21  and 22th. 

    Students will be sent from English class.  Seniors still need to get photos taken in order to have a valid school ID for lunch dismissal.

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