Studio Art


  • STUDIO ART: Art Education

    Course Descriptions GRADES 9-12

    FULL YEAR - 1 UNIT Studio Art is a comprehensive foundation course in which students will experience a wide variety of media and processes, with hands-on experiences in areas such as drawing, painting, design, composition, print-making, sculpture and computer graphics. The Studio Art course is centered around the Art Content Standards of Creation, Production & Presentation, Connection and Reflection & Response. Each of these areas incorporates both the Elements of Design and the Principles of Organization into the study of Art and the related projects. The understanding of these basics is extended and adapted to all areas through the exploration of a diverse selection of media.Studio Art is a prerequisite to Painting and Drawing I, II, Portfolio, Advanced Placement Art, Animation I, Graphic Design I / II and is required for any Fine Art Sequence.Studio Art satisfies the NYS requirement of one credit in FineArt.