What is Microsoft Teams and How do I access it?

  • Microsoft Teams in Office 365

    Microsoft Teams is an application which is located within the Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications. It is a Student Learning Management System that our teachers have been utilizing to include conversations, a file repository, create and assign assignments, record grades, add links, encourage collaboration and video conference within.

    Our Professional Learning Communities are also utilizing Microsoft Teams. sharing files and conversations, brainstorming and collaborating together is why our District chooses Microsoft Teams for our PLC’s.

    To access it, you need to first log into Office 365. You can click on this link or go to your school's webpage and click on the "For Students" tab to get to the Office 365 login page.

    Your student username is your school email address:
    firstname_lastname@students.pittsford.monroe.edu Example samantha_jarvis@students.pittsford.monroe.edu

    Your password is your active directory password
    (the same one you use for the computers at school).

    Click on this link to understand better how to log into Office 365:


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