The "Me" Space

  • Me Space



    The "me" space are the icons on the far left side of the screen.
    The most frequently used are Activity, Teams, Assignments and Calendar.

    Activity- this is where you can go to see the recent activity for all of your teams in one place.

    Teams- this will show you all of the teams you are currently a member of.

    Assignments- this is where you can see the assignments for all of your teams, in order of their due date.

    Calendar- this is your personal Outlook calendar. Meetings that are scheduled are accessible here; you can also use it as a planner to record due dates, important events, etc.

The "We" Space

  • The We space

    In a team, the "we" space is everything in the right pane. The default channel is called the General channel; this is where you will find materials you will be using throughout the entire course. Some, but not all, teacher will use additional channels. If they do, they will explain to you how they will be using them. In the general channel, there are four primary tabs you need to know how to use. These are Posts, Files, Assignments and Grades.

    Posts- this tab allows the teacher to send out messages to everyone on the team. Some teachers allow for students to send out messages in this tab as well. All members of the team are able to see all posts.

    Files- this tab is where teachers can upload files to the Class Materials folder for students to access. Some teachers may also upload files outside of the Class Materials folder for students to collaborate on.

    Assignments- this tab is similar to the me space button although it only shows the assignments for the specific team. All upcoming and completed assignments are available in this tab.

    Grades- this tab will show the assignments, the due date, the status (have they been turned in, returned, etc.) and if there is a grade, the grade on that assignment.


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