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  • 2021-22 COVID Protocols for 5th Grade beginning band and lessons


    • Distancing:

      • a minimum of 3 feet between all students, nose-to-nose.

    • Masking:

      • Masks up over nose and mouth for moving around and talking.

      • When playing in lessons: Masks down underneath mouth for blowing into their instrument.

      • When playing in band: Students will switch to a slit mask.

        • Surgical mask with a slit cut in the center.

        • Students will provide the mask, we will cut them together in lessons.

    • Bell covers:

      • PCSD will provide bell covers for all woodwind and brass instrument at the first lesson.



  • Mrs. Regan's schedule for 2021-22 is as follows: 

    • Monday-JR
    • Tuesday-JR
    • Wednesday-MCE
    • Thursday-MCE/BRMS
    • Friday-MCE

    Since I travel between buildings, e-mail is the best way to keep in touch. 
    You may reach me at:  Eva_Regan@pittsford.monroe.edu
    My phone extension for both schools is 267-3364.