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    Phone: 585-267-3698

    Email: katie_sauer@pittsford.monroe.edu

    I'd be happy to answer your questions!


National Honor Society--The Basics

  • 1st Step- Community Service Requirement

    • 30 HIGH SCHOOL hours must be logged and approved no later than the first Friday in February of your Junior year for Spring Induction and for Fall Induction (Senior year) hours must be submitted the first Friday in September (following the first full week of school).  It is important to note that not all hours submitted to the community service office count towards the necessary 30 needed to be invited to apply to NHS. NHS only accepts 30 hours starting the summer before entering 9th grade.
    • Hours must be logged and approved by the Community Service Office within one year of completing the service activity. Please review all instructions and guidelines for approved service activities on the community service webpage.
    • All approved service hours can be seen on your Community Service Portal Page in Infinite Campus. If you did not complete 30 hours while in high school by the above deadline, you do not qualify to apply to NHS.


    2nd Step– GPA

    • You must have a cumulative average of 90% or higher (89.9% does not qualify). This average is based on five semesters starting freshman year until the first semester of your junior year. The registrar at Mendon will provide the NHS adviser with this list.


    3rd Step – Invitation to Join NHS + Interview Process

    • For Spring Induction, you will receive an invitation by email (sometime mid-March) with instructions regarding how to apply to NHS. You will complete the application and submit it to the NHS adviser by the due date indicated on the application. In addition to your application, you need to prove leadership beyond the classroom by having a coach, club adviser, employer, or any other adult who has witnessed you in a position of leadership fill out a leadership reference form. The leadership reference form can be found at the end of the NHS application. Please do not fill out the NHS application until you have received the invitation to join NHS. Once you have handed in both your application and completed reference forms you will need to schedule an interview with your assigned faculty interviewer. The interview list will be posted outside room 226a, on the National Honor Society bulletin board, the day the application is due. Once the interviews are conducted you will receive a letter by mail in May indicating whether or not you have been accepted into NHS.