• You can download an attendance list/roster in Teams, but it will only show who attended that meeting and must be done before you end the meeting.


    There isn't an easy way of getting the names of all members in Teams, but you can copy/paste a list into an excel spreadsheet (it puts in extra info and spaces, but works) see screenshots below.

    1. From the main Teams page/posts, click the small i, to show Members (recent)/All
    2. Scroll down to the bottom of the All section and click See all members.
    3. Click Members and guests, then highlight the list of names and copy (Ctrl+C) the list of members. (it will copy additional information on the page)
    4. Open a blank Excel worksheet and paste (Ctrl+V) the names in the first cell.
    5. After you paste into the spreadsheet, use Ctrl>Click to delete the extra info. Hold down Ctrl key and click on each row to highlight the rows you want to delete, then Delete sheet rows.  
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