Social Work Services at Pittsford Schools

  • School Social Workers bring unique knowledge and skills to the school system and mental health team and are instrumental in furthering the purpose of schools to provide a setting for teaching, learning, and the attainment of to promote wellness competence and confidence. School Social Workers enhance the District’s ability to meet its academic mission, by maintaining and enhancing the mental, emotional, behavioral, cognitive and social functioning of student learners. School social workers are effective members of an interdisciplinary team and bring their skills, abilities and a systems perspective to act as a consultant to teachers, parents and others to facilitate the understanding of how factors in the home, school and community affect student learner outcome.

    The Pittsford Central School District has two full-time School Social Workers at Mendon and Sutherland High Schools. These positions are part of our Counseling Department and work with staff and administration to promote mental health wellness and social-emotional skills by providing individual counseling services, small group instruction and meeting identified behavioral health needs of the school building community.

    Additionally, The Pittsford Central School District has had a long-standing partnership with Pittsford Youth Services (PYS), a local, respected provider of social work services for our schools and families. There are PYS Social Workers in each elementary and middle school.