• Our instrumental music program becomes available to students when they enter 5th grade. In the spring of every school year we introduce our 4th graders to the instrumental music program.  We offer instruction on the following instruments:

    ORCHESTRA: Violin, Viola, #Cello, #Bass

    BAND: Flute, Oboe, *Bassoon, Clarinet, Saxophone, *French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, **Baritone, **Tuba, Percussion.

    • *PCSD provides these instruments.
    • **PCSD provides 2 instruments; one for home, one for school.
    • #PCSD provides an instrument for school, students rent one for home.
  • Our recruiting process is as follows:

    Assembly:  Students listen to instrument demonstrations during our Spring concerts.  They will bring home a letter to parents outlining this process.

    Infinite Campus message home to parents asking for the following information PRIOR to the 'petting zoo': 

    • Do you already own an instrument that you want your child to study next school year?
    • Does your child already take lessons on that instrument? For how long? Who is the teacher?
    • Does your child take piano lessons? For how long? Who is the teacher?

    Instrument 'Petting Zoo':  Students will have the opportunity to try at least 3 instruments.  They will then prioritize their choices 1,2,3. 

    • We will make every effort to make sure students get their first choice because we know how motivation plays a key role in success. However, we do need to maintain a balance within our ensembles, so there is a limit to the number of students we can have on certain instruments. 

    Band/Orchestra information goes home:  Students will find out which instrument they will be playing, information about our program, a supply list, information about our recommended instrument brands and contact information for the local music stores.

    Forms are due: Parents fill out and return band/orchestra permission forms before the end of the school year.

  • Summer lessons  

    It's a GREAT idea to get a head start on your child's musical instruction. Consult the list included in the packet you received for recommendations, or contact Mrs. Regan for a referral.