2023-2024 College Application Information *NEW*

  • College Application Types:

    Most applications can be found online. SUNY, MCC and the Common Application are all online. When completing your college application online, make sure to complete all necessary sections (follow instructions closely), print a copy for your files, and then submit it electronically. If you are sending your application via mail because the college does not accept electronic applications, make sure to include your application check, your essay and any other pertinent information required by the college.

    • Common Application

    The Common Application is accepted by over 400 colleges and is used by many Sutherland students. Link to the Common App website: https://www.commonapp.org 

    When completing the Common App Education section, students need detailed information about our school and grading system. Below is a link to that information for the Class of 2023. 

                                                        Common App Education Section Document

    If a student requests a letter of recommendation from someone other than a classroom teacher, an Outside Recommender, the Common App has specific instructions on how to include this recommendation. Below are directions regarding how to include these Outside Recommender Letters. 

                                                       Common App Outside Recommenders Directions

    Basic overview of the Common Application used during the Common App Summer Seminar: 

                                                       Common App Powerpoint

    • SUNY Application

    The SUNY application allows you to complete an application for admission and any required supplemental applications all in one place. The SUNY application is accepted by the University Centers, University Colleges and Technology Centers of the SUNY system. Link to the SUNY application portal: https://www.suny.edu/attend/apply-to-suny/


    • Coalition Application

    The Coalition Application is accepted by 150+ colleges and universities. Students can use the Coalition Application to multiple colleges using the same application tool. Link to the Coalition website: https://www.coalitionforcollegeaccess.org/


    • Individual College Websites

    A number of colleges require use of their institution’s online application. By visiting the college website, you can locate the application options for each college/university.

    Application Tips:

    • Please use your LEGAL NAME on college applications and throughout the college process as it is on your school records. Example–If your school records say Thomas, do not use Tommy or Tom.
    • Students must use the same format or application method for an individual college application. If a student chooses to use the Common Application or SUNY application, all parts of the application, student information, teacher recommendations, and secondary school information must be sent in the same format. An application will be incomplete and not processed if different formats are used.  

    College Application Processing:

    The Counseling Office partners with students and families to complete the College Application Process. Students are responsible for submitting their portion of the college application electronically, using one of the application methods described above. All other portions of the college application will be submitted through the Counseling Office, including official transcript, secondary school report, school profile, teacher forms, and letters of recommendation. 

    • The Counseling Office hosts a College Application Night in September. This event is a two-part program which lasts about an hour and a half:
      Part 1: College Application Process – Presented by the Sutherland Counselors.
      This presentation details the steps needed to complete the college application process, including forms, resources, and additional information.
      Part 2: Financial Aid Process – Presented by Renee Swift, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, Nazareth College. 
      This presentation helps families to understand the Financial Aid process and what steps need to be completed.
    • A student must complete a Blue Transcript Release Form (see below) for EACH college applied to before application documents can be released. Be sure to complete this form thoroughly with college name, application method used, and specific names of teachers completing letters of recommendation. Documents cannot be sent from the Counseling Office without this form. Additional forms can be found in the Counseling Office. Completed forms should be turned in to the Counseling Office for processing. Blue Transcript Release Form
    • Make sure you check HOW you are submitting your application on the Blue Transcript Release Form; either using the Common Application, individual college application, or SUNY application. If, after starting the application, you change your mind and decide to process your application differently, please let the Counseling Office know so they can make the change in Naviance.
    • After you submit your Blue Transcript Release Form to the Counseling Office, a recommendation letter is written by your counselor. The Counseling Office requires that the form be in our office 20 working days prior to the college due date. Please give your teachers who are writing letters of recommendation the same time courtesy.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to follow up with the colleges they are applying to after their application has been sent. Usually, the college will email or send a letter to the student if something is missing, but not always.
    • First Quarter grades are not automatically sent. Contact the Counseling Office if the college requests First Quarter grades. Mid-year grades will be sent to all colleges you have handed in a Blue Transcript Release Form automatically.

    Blue Transcript Release Form Deadlines for Application Processing

    • November 1st – to Counseling Office by October 3rd
    • November 15th – to Counseling Office by October 18th
    • December 1st – to Counseling Office by October 31st
    • December 15th – to Counseling Office by November 15th
    • January 1st – to Counseling Office by November 27th
    • January 15th – to Counseling Office by December 22nd

    *Please keep in mind that the Winter Recess starts at the end of the day on December 22, 2023 and we return on January 2, 2024. Applications will not be processed during the break.

    Letters of Recommendation:

    Many colleges require letters of recommendation to be included with application materials. It is the student’s responsibility to check the requirements for each college application. Some colleges require a minimum number of letters, while others restrict how many teacher letters can be submitted. In addition to Teacher Recommendations, your Counselor will write a letter of recommendation on your behalf. 

    Students should talk with a teacher in person to make this formal request for a letter of recommendation. Once a teacher agrees, a student should make a formal request in their Naviance account. Requests can be made by visiting the Colleges tab, within the Letters of Recommendation section. Please be sure to give teachers plenty of advanced notice to write your letter. Below is a how to video describing this Naviance process.  https://www.screencast.com/t/yFlgLhUy 

    Once letters have been submitted, be sure to thank teachers for their help with a handwritten thank you note.

    Standardized Testing:

    Options to take the SAT and/or ACT are available in the fall of senior year. Be sure to check the requirements for each college you are applying to regarding testing requirements. Due to COVID-19, some colleges have implemented a test optional policy for the Class of 2024, while others will require a SAT or ACT score to be submitted. The testing calendar below lists the test dates and registration deadlines for fall testing opportunities. SAT/ACT Testing Calendar 2023-2024

    SAT/ACT test scores must be sent directly from the testing centers to the college you are applying to. There are two types of score submissions: self-reporting and official score reports. Please check the requirements for each college regarding application requirements.

    Self Reporting: Students can share test scores within their college application. This unofficial score report allows students to share scores with multiple colleges at no cost. Your college of attendance may require the submission of an official score report in the spring. 

    Official Score Report: Official scores must be requested from the testing agency (College Board or ACT). Scores can be sent by logging into your student account. There is a fee to send an official score report. If a college requires an official submission of standardized test scores, your application will be incomplete until these scores are received. 

    Fee Waivers are available for families with financial need. Fee waivers cover the cost of testing registration fees and score reports. Talk to your Counselor to obtain a Fee Waiver based on the financial guidelines document. Fee Waiver Eligibility

    College Application Related Forms:

    Application Processing:

    Standardized Testing: