• One on One

    Pittsford Central School District Mission Statement:

    The Pittsford Central School District community works collaboratively to inspire and prepare our students to be their best, do their best, and make a difference in the lives of others.

    Technology Vision Statement:

    Pittsford Schools will promote the ethical and responsible use of technology to maximize the academic performance and personal development of all members of the learning community.

    Technology Mission Statement:

    Pittsford Schools successfully integrates technology into the educational program to provide students with the knowledge and skills required for lifelong learning and for productive participation in society.

One to One Plan

  • All students in grades 6 - 10 will receive a district provided laptop.

    All students will keep the laptop in their possession until the end of 8th grade or the end of 12th grade. As an example, if your child received their laptop in grade 6, they would continue to use this device for the next 3 years and turn it in upon completing 8th grade. Students entering 9th grade would then receive a new device, keeping it for the next 4 years and then turn it in prior to graduation.

One to One Informational Videos