• Orchestra Member Behavior Contract:

    for successful rehearsals and performances


    Be respectful to everyone.

    Be kind and be helpful.

    Be honest and be happy.

    Be safe and be calm.

    Be flexible and be attentive!


    Bring your refined musical skills.

    Bring your great attitudes and good manners.

    Bring your instrument and all necessary equipment. (Be able to identify your equipment.)

    Bring enough courage to introduce yourself to someone you might not know!


    Create great music and a nice feeling to the group.

    Create a change - if needed.

    Create peace.


    Don’t chew gum at any time.

    Don’t play or tap on any percussion instruments.

    Don’t swap instruments if there is a substitute.

    Don’t expect to play everything perfectly.

    Don’t be in need of any special favors or any special attention.

    Don’t worry or react negatively if things go wrong.


    Have fun and swing with unexpected surprises.

    Have a blast and have confidence in yourself and ensemble.

    Have faith and have a good time.


    Remember that – each member of our orchestra is vital to our success.

    Remember –  NOT TO JUDGE OTHERS - we will all be doing our very best.

    Remember to listen to instruction.

    Remember to sit-up straight and act like you want to be a part of this ensemble.

    Remember to watch-out for each other.

    Remember that our behavior is a reflection on

    • our teachers,
    • our school,
    • our families and
    • above all – ourselves.