• Pittsford Central School District

    Orchestra Registration Form





    Student’s name:                                                   Instrument: _____

    Elementary school:          MC     TR     PR      JR     AC    (circle one!)

    Parent/guardian’s name:                                                                        _        

    Parent’s e-mail:                                                                        _________           

    We would like our child to participate in the PCSD Beginning Orchestra Program.  We will support our child in their musical adventure.   We acknowledge that lessons (small groups) occur on a rotating basis during the school day and that rehearsals (large groups) are held after school on the same day.  We are aware of our responsibility to obtain the indicated instrument along with all necessary musical materials.  We will help our child develop good practice habits at home and support consistent attendance at lessons, rehearsals and performances.  This will insure that our beginning orchestra experience is successful and enjoyable for all!

    Our family understands that participation

    in the beginning elementary orchestra program

    is for the full school year.

    Practicing at home, consistent attendance at lessons and

    rehearsals are essential requirements for success –

    leading to joyful concerts & performances!

    *For safety reasons, if our child needs to miss a rehearsal –

    we will e-mail the orchestra director.



    signature of string student                                                              date


    signature of parent                                                                            date

    Please return this registration form (filled out)

    to your homeroom teacher - ASAP.

    (Print a copy and return it to your homeroom teacher or

    take a picture of it and send it to: hilda_grace@pittsford.monroe.edu)