• Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: I don't know the first thing about getting an instrument. Help!
    A:  See the 'Instrument Brands and Supplies' section in the menu

    Q:  What supplies do I need?
    A:  See the 'Instrument Brands and Supplies' section in the menu.

    Q:  Where can I get my instrument and supplies?
    A:  Music + Arts in Pittsford Plaza, Atlas Music in Webster, Thomas Music in Irondequoit, Sweetwater.com.

    Q:  How much should my child practice? 
    A:  15-20 minutes a day is best for young students. 

    Q: When will my child have music lessons?
    A:  Once a week for 30 minutes, rotating throughout the school day.

    Q:  How will my child handle missing class?
    A:  Your child will do just fine!  There are MANY research studies on the effect of pull-out music lessons on academic performance.  Overwhelmingly, students who receive music lessons in school do just as well if not better than those who do not study an instrument, for many reasons. If a test conflicts with a lesson, the student can see Mrs. Regan to rearrange the lesson time. They can also arrange with their homeroom teacher to take the test/quiz at a different time.

    Q: When is band rehearsal?
    A: One day a week after school. See the '5th Grade Band Info!' section for specific dates/times.